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Find • Create • Cultivate a new relationship with yourself

All of our programs include three crucial elements.

Ali Perry Fitness Blog
Ali Perry Fitness


No matter where you live, how busy you are or your fitness level, these workouts fit into your life.

  • Workouts for every fitness level
  • Effective & fun (you might even smile)
  • Efficient, only 30 minutes a day
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Ali Perry Fitness Blog
Ali Perry Fitness


  • Easy & delicious recipes (yes it’s possible)
  • Custom Options Available
  • Convenient shopping list to stay on track (abs are made in the kitchen y’all)
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Ali Perry Fitness Blog
Ali Perry Fitness


  • Connect with other Perry Players
  • Access valuable & entertaining blog
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Hi friends, I’m ALI Perry

I believe in the power of movement. I believe in your ability to manifest a mental and
physical shift in your life through exercise and personal connections. With my
whole health program, you will feel better, feel included, and have fun!

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Perry Players... Real Talk...

I’ve come away from each class with Ali feeling stronger, tougher, and happier. Her ability to motivate with humor and grit is amazing, you don’t half-ass it with this hard ass! - Dana, 34
Ali's workout program is amazing! She's improved my overall fitness, functional movements and self-image. I'm 56 and used to wake up in the middle of the night with aching hips and lower back pain. No more! My core strength has increased dramatically, and I actually can see ab muscles.
AND, my arms are so cut people stop me in the store to ask me where I workout. Give APF a try! She will change your body and your outlook on life with many laughs along the way! - Susan, 56
Being a product of the 70’s, the only thing I have done for more than four years is sex drugs and rock-n-roll. Now I can add one more to the list, training with Ali for the last four years. She has made is fun, hard, challenging and productive. My body and attitude are much healthier because of her. 5 stars. - Darin Davis, 57
In the first 2 weeks of training with Ali I lost 9 lbs and had as many people asking me what I was doing to get such great results. She’s a game-changer to my fitness routine. Ali’s knowledge about the body and sharp attention to my form and execution puts her on another level. Can’t wait to rock a Perry Players crop top this summer! - James, 34
I can’t ever go back. I’ve been lifting and working out on my own for years and I know a lot about training. Even so, Ali’s depth of knowledge is crazy! She digs into the mental minutiae and mind/muscle connection in a way I’ve never experienced. My body and mind are stronger than ever. - Nicole, 33
Ali Perry Fitness

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  • Work your body, change your mind.
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